Thursday, 20 May 2010

Zing - M.I.A

Sad news. Poor little Zing has been lost in the post - somewhere between Scotland and Australia. Have you seen him? I hope he's ok, its been weeks since we last saw him. I'm hoping he met a nice lady cat on the plane and stopped off for a romantic tour of South East Asia, or maybe a nice little girl or boy found him and took him home to hug and squeeze forever. If you see him please tell him we love him and miss him very much and to hurry home.


  1. That is so sad! Poor little Zing :( I think there must be a stuffed toy theif working for Australian customs because this happened to the little hand sewn elephant I sent to Oz two years ago. I think we should investigate.

  2. do they think we're trying to smuggle drugs or something??? I'm really sad - I think he was the best thing I've made :(