Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things you might not know about me No.3...... and a birthday treat

You may not know that I love tea. You probably also don't know that I have a particularly special favourite type of tea. Have you ever tried Jan de Vries Dutch Herbal Tea? You should try it - its magnificent.

These are some ingredients: peppermint leaves, rosehips, strawberry leaves, juniper berries, sage leaves, golden rod herb(?!), birch leaves, lavender flowers, passion flower herbs and many many more deliciously chopped up tiny wee pieces of plants! WoW! Now I'm not really a herbal tea fanatic - I'm more of a coffee kinda girl but this tea has converted me - I've been raving about it for weeks - and Px loves it too so I've been buying it in bulk!

The other day I tried to make my own dandelion tea from the over grown mass on Px's lawn. I picked off all the little yellow heads and boiled them up. The result was surprisingly palatable (helped along with a spoonful of sugar!). I used the heads but I understand the leaves are good too when dried out. I'd like to try making some strawberry leaf tea this summer, I bet its super tasty.

This is my special little Spode tea cup and a pretty little bag of cookies my friend Marianne baked for me last month for my birthday. Lucky Loulou! They were so tasty with big chunks of dark and white chocolate mixed through. Thank you Marianne!


  1. My Neighbors at the cottage have just complained about my dandelions! MAybe I should invite them over for tea!

  2. Heehee! You should feed them the fluffy bits too!x

  3. Did the tea make you 'pis en lit' ??!!

  4. Ha! I had to google that one! Thats so funny - and NO I didn't wet the bed!! This is a really interesting site though.....

  5. I'm a tea-addict myself, but I have't tried this one, sounds intruiging though ;) and so does the dandelion tea!