Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sketchbook Enquiry

This is my final presentation for our sketchbook project for which we had to complete a number of phases over a 12 week period:
  • selected a fine artist and a textile artist and prepared a presentation on each - selecting 10 words to describe their work - I chose Eva Hesse and Christien Meinderstma
  • chose one word which links the two - the word I chose was 'Organic'
  • selected a group of objects which represents the chosen theme - pine cones, coral, honesty, sheep's skull, dried orange slices and produced a series of drawings of these which were then bound as an individual sketch book
  • made a small bound book following Rachel Hazel's instructions and was in keeping with the theme
  • used a variety of materials such as potato prints, feather drawing, grass prints to produce a mark-making sketch book
  • produced a sketch book using only paper manipulation
  • took elements of the 3 sketchbooks produced and combined them to fill the small bound book using text to highlight the chosen theme
  • combined all the elements and techniques used to create one final sketchbook which is to be a piece of artwork within itself
  • produced a one-page-book which sums up the entire project

I really enjoyed the creative freedom we had with this project and discovered some new techniques and ideas which have been the inspiration for a number of different pieces.

A mobile for baby Ethan

I made this little animal mobile for my beautiful new nephew in Australia whom I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting! Apparently it has served its purpose and has given mummy some precious moments of peace! There's an owl and a pussycat, a dog, a wee mousy and a koala of course!

Weave for Interiors

Final display - double cloth woven fabric intended for use as blind or curtain material.

Sketches and initial paper collages taking inspiration from designs by Belen Mena

Colour and pattern inspiration - a contemporary office block in Slovenia from Wallpaper magazine.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Weaving - Art Pieces

Our initial brief was to create 3 8x8" 'art pieces' inspired by the research we carried out over the summer hols. The topic I chose was 'collections'.

My first ever weave!

Mood board inspired by vintage postcards found in an antique shop in Stockbridge.

A beautiful rose in Mum's garden shed bed.

This is my final display including sketchbook, research and technical files as well as our reflective journal - and of course a pair of roses 'borrowed' from my boyfriend's garden! (click on the image to see the pictures close up)