Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last project of the year! Accessories

Today I've been working on my very last project of 3rd year - Accessories - and as a change I've decided to design a fabric for fashion. As its such a short project I thought I'd choose a topical issue for impact and to hopefully make a small difference. Of course the issue that's moved me the most recently has been the disasters occuring in Japan and as I have a real interest in this inspiring and mysterious country I chose to focus my work on the positive aspects of Japanese culture and hopefully raise awareness of their problems.


Inspired by my current favourite brand 45 RPM I've decided to design a square scarf which can be adapted using a braided strap into a shopper or halter top..........

Yesterday I had the most fun trying my hand at Shibori as you can see in the image of my wall. I spent all day stitching and tying and dunking my fabrics in dye, there are so many possibilities - its so great and easy peasy - you should try it!

Proenza Schouler does Shibori

I had a little play with some colours for the braided strap on the remains of my last warp which lends itself quite well in terms of weight and pattern...

Will let you know how it progresses!



  1. I love the colours...can't wait to see how it turns out! X

  2. Your blog is so delightful! And I am in love with the design ideas you share. You are so creative in so many ways, and I am amazed.

  3. best wishes.

    Anna is right! your blog is delightful, and your designs are inspiring.

    The first hat= my heart melts..xx

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!