Monday, 21 February 2011

learning to trust money

i have a love/hate relationship with money but have recently realised that my negative attitudes towards money are having a negative effect on my bank balance....

'where attention goes energy flows'

as currency is fundamentaly a flow or current of energy from the hand of one person to another i've decided to change my spending habits to treat money as if it were a loved one or a part of me; with nurturing love and attention.

here's my action plan:

1. investing in a beautiful new wallet..... you might be thinking I've missed the point a bit here but please hear me out..... normally I cram all my cash, cards, receipts, hair clips, stamps, memory stick etc etc into one tiny coin purse never knowing exactly what's in there and prefering not to know. A new wallet will help me organise my spending and respectfully keep my beautiful bank notes in crisp condition.

2. paying with cash........

I've been told that very rich people always pay in cash and this makes sense to me. Often I pay for things on one of 3 bank cards, never really knowing whether its going to be declined or push me into the red.

'out of sight out of mind'

Budgeting at the beginning of the week and withdrawing a set amount of cash will allow me to keep a close eye on my spending and this will encourage me to make my money stretch further. Carrying my money with me will bring it closer to me forcing me to take good care of it.

3. digging my head out of the sand....

I'm guilty of avoiding checking my bank statements, even when I visit the ATM! I'm not sure why I bother trying to kid myself that this is a good idea but I'm determined to stop this and face up to the reality of the situation for obvious reasons.

4. value

The underlying reason for my disrespect for money runs much deeper than it may first appear. It basically stems back to a lack of value for myself and a fear of the responsibility having money and possessions would bring.

My biggest challenge - and one which I am approaching as though climbing a mountain, one step at a time - is to build up value and trust in myself which will accumulate and grow through every aspect of my life.
Do you have any hints or tips on how you look after your money? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Good luck! You have some good ideas so I'm sure this is going to work. Using cash is a really good idea. A lot of places here don't accept bank cards so I tend to use cash most of the time. It makes me much more aware of what I'm spending and it's a nice feeling seeing your wallet full of crisp bank notes. I prefer to keep them there rather than spending them!

  2. i love your blog. it's sooo darling.

  3. Wonderful self-reflection in this post.... good luck with shapeshifting your relationship with money, I know from experience how it gets tangled up inside. I have no tips except that I also like to think of money as representing the unbelievable bounty of the Earth - a kind of unconditional love. When I remember that, it seems to flow better.

    Abundance to you!