Monday, 7 June 2010

Mrs Scott's Wonderful Sewing Box (and other treasures)

A few weeks ago my friend Gina very kindly asked me if I could make use of a sewing box, knitting needles and yarns which had belonged to her granny who sadly passed away a wee while ago. Of course I jumped at the chance and said yes I'd love to give them a home and called round to collect them. Well, what a delightful pile of goodies I did receive! A bin liner full of yarns, a carrier bag of knitting needles and this lovely little box of treats! And buttons! Hundreds and hundreds of lovely buttons! I cannot wait to have a really good rummage through, organise it all and start crafting with all these lovingly collected materials.

Receiving this wonderful gift has made me realise what a personal thing a sewing box can be, with a lifetime of work and skill unravelling inside. Although I don't think I ever really met Mrs Scott I feel honoured to have inherited a little piece of her life and thank Gina and her mum for sharing this with me.x

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  1. What a beautiful box and lovely gift from one frined to another. The fact that she knew you would treasure it and use it make it even more special. I have my Granny's pin cushion. She also had a chocolate box full of all the buttons she lovingly clipped off old discarded clothes. Being the Depression they made use of eveything. As kids we played with this button box all the time. They were our imaginary money, cupcakes and whatever else we could make believe. These old boxes really are treasures.