Friday, 23 April 2010

Birthday treats!

Last Saturday was my 26th birthday - crivens!! Px and I went out for brunch to the wonderful Circle cafe in Cannonmills .

(Picture from thankyou!)

This is becoming a bit of an annual event and the bit of my birthday I look forward to most! I had ciabatta with spinach and parma ham topped with a soft boiled egg and a pile of tasty leaves whilst Px had a juicy pork, lemon and thyme burger. We followed this off with their excellent coffees (beans supplied by Artisan Roast I believe top quality!) and a heart warming apple pie - well it was my birthday after all!

Before she went back off to Italy at Easter my big sister Sarah left me a little bag of delightful treats which I (amazingly) managed to resist opening until Saturday morning.
Such pretty trims! Am looking forward to putting them to good use on some new projects I have in mind for after I finish Uni - next week!!!

I really have no excuses now......

Anyway thank you Sarah for my very special little gifts (and for the double sided tape of course - not so photogenic I'm afraid!!) xxx

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  1. You're welcome! I forgot about the doble sided tape. I found it in my drawer when I was wrapping your present and I remember you said you'd run out so I threw it in with the rest of the things! That birthday brunch sounds yummy. I look forward to seeing what you do with those trims xxx