Sunday, 7 February 2010

Yarn Making

Dragging myself into the new year I am faced with a new module - yarn making- and our (if you ask me , lame) topic is 'stringy things'. Finally getting some direction with it and decided on 'drystane dykes' an my inspiration.

This was my very first attempt at yarn spinning - both combining different yarns and spinning slivers of unspun yarn. I tried adding in various materials such as lichen, string, wire and horse hair to achieve a rough and natural effect. I loved it and can't wait to try out some more lovely messy ideas! I can see that spinning could be very theraputic once the basics are mastered.

This is my new research wall - its slowly but surely coming together. Am going to do some colour studies this week and perhaps some paper collages. Enjoyed doing my initial ink studies think they captured the random creeping lines of the wall pretty well. I've just been drawing from my photos so far but hope to get outside at some point this week - providing its dry and light enough.


  1. Can you make me a jumper with this please? (Maybe minus the lichen and horse hair though!) It's looking really good.

  2. Lou, I've given you a Lovely Blog award! Come to my blog to collect it. When are you going to show us some more of your work? xx

  3. I'm so keen to see what you make from your own yarn! Fay x