Tuesday, 14 September 2010

click click click

I've been taking some nice pics of jewellery for inisonline over the past week and I think they mostly turned out ok but I've been feeling a bit frustrated as my photography skills are not quite up to scratch and I can't bring myself to buy a book or trawl through the internet for decent tutorials...so.... rather than taking my usual approach of - 'i'll do something about it someotherday' I decided to take action......

Craig Mcbeth is the wonderful man who photographed Sarah Elizabeth's wedding in August and we were all blown away by the beautiful and unique shots he took so I emailed him and asked if he might like to give me a few starter lessons and amazingly he said yes and now he's coming over to give me a lesson on Sunday! I'm so excited and glad that I bit the bullet and actually did something rather than just 'someotherdaying' it! I'll be sure to post about my lesson next week!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Fantastic that you do the photos for Inisonline...I love their stuff - esp NoaNoa and Avoca :) You do a great job but I am totally with you on reading manuals/watching tutorials...all that stuff brings me out in a rash!! What a great idea to ask a good photographer for lessons! Good luck...I am sure you will learn loads more in one hour with him than hours spent trawling thro boring manuals!