Sunday, 15 November 2009

Weaving - Art Pieces

Our initial brief was to create 3 8x8" 'art pieces' inspired by the research we carried out over the summer hols. The topic I chose was 'collections'.

My first ever weave!

Mood board inspired by vintage postcards found in an antique shop in Stockbridge.

A beautiful rose in Mum's garden shed bed.

This is my final display including sketchbook, research and technical files as well as our reflective journal - and of course a pair of roses 'borrowed' from my boyfriend's garden! (click on the image to see the pictures close up)


  1. I have just recieved my first grade for my practical work and I am delighted as I got an *A* !!!

  2. Beautiful what an achievement, I did a weave workshop at the weekend- really enjoyed it :)